Longtime State Director and District Administrator George Berardi passes away...

Posted by John Berardi on Dec 15 2011 at 04:00PM PST in 2019

Little League International mourns the passing of George Berardi, a former District Administrator (DA) in Massachusetts, and member the Little League International Board of Directors.

Mr. Berardi of Woburn, Mass., served as Massachusetts District 13 Administrator for more than 50 years, and spent the last 40 years as Massachusetts’ Little League State Director. In 2010, at the 25th Little League International Congress in Lexington, Ky., Mr. Berardi was recognized for his five decades as a DA.

“George was an icon in our program and will be sorely missed,” Stephen D. Keener, Little League International’s President and Chief Executive Officer, said. “On behalf of the entire Little League program, I ask that we all keep George's wife, Ann, and his family in our thoughts during this difficult time.”

In 1992, Mr. Berardi served as Chairman for the Little League International Congress held in Boston. During his time in the Little League program, he also was a member of the Little League President’s Advisory Committee.

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